Stirling Shave Soap – Frozen Tundra – A Review

frozen tundraRatings:
Price: 10
Cushion: 8
Slickness: 9
Scent: 8
Moisturising: 8


There is a good chance that if you are a ‘classic wet shaver’ you started either because of the projected savings or because you were trying to be hip (yes…yes there are those who have always used a DE razor because of their dad or grandfather, and then there are those who were not trying to be hip because they were always hip). Then there are those who, whether purposely or not, really bought into the wet shaving world, taking full advantage of the variety of soaps, creams, razors, etc. in an effort to add a little extra to their lives. Unfortunately for those who fall into this category, they have essentially eliminated the cost savings that come from wet shaving.

My puck of Frozen Tundra from Stirling Soap Co. is a perfect example of how wet shaving can easily get away from you. This soap offers an experience that I doubt you would be able to find the equal to in any chain stores or pharmacies. I am primarily referring to the scent of the soap – which I believe you will either love – or completely hate. The dominant scent by far is the menthol, but lingering in behind that smell is what I would refer to as the outdoors. According to the Stirling Soap Co. website the Frozen Tundra has 9 essential oils blended in with the menthol, the combination really packs a punch that will no doubt help you wake up.

I found that I really had to work at building the lather, the soap seemed to be thirsty, and it really wanted me to work my wrist to build up a nice lather. The work was worth it however; my shave had a decent cushion and my Edwin Jagger 89lbl had no difficulty gliding along chopping down my whiskers (I know I know…chopping down…but the lather makes me feel a bit like a lumberjack).

The most impressive aspect of the soap has to be the price. For the price of a couple cups of coffee there is virtually no risk involved – if you don’t like it – toss it. You can take a look at their shop here.

In the end the Frozen Tundra shave soap from the Stirling Shave Co. offers a nice departure from your typical shave soap scents. If you hate menthol or the outdoors stay away. On the other hand if you like the sound of that you may want to pick up a couple of pucks.

Tools used in photos:
Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Homemade black badger shave brush