Speick Shave Cream – A Review

Price: 10
Cushion: 9
Slickness: 9
Scent: 9
Moisturising: 9


As far as I am aware my tube of Speick Shaving Cream is the first German made shaving product outside of a razor that I have used, and I am happy I did. The box itself has a slightly medicinal quality to it, if you have been in a pharmacy in Europe, Italy specifically, you would know what I mean, it through me off a bit but I quickly got over it with the fantastic scent that came out of the tube.

I would say that the Speick has a classic, perhaps even a traditional scent, that brings memories of old barber shops or perhaps one of those make-shift basement bathrooms that your grandfather may have set up to gain some personal space. The fragrance itself is spicy, even a bit peppery – if you have been used to some of the more extravagant scents – the Speick is a nice departure, a real gentleman’s feel to it.

When it came to lathering it gave the Speick a spin in both my scuttle and regular shaving bowl, and each time the lather built effortlessly. I often need a go or to to get the balance of water / cream just right but the Speick seemed very forgiving. The lather is very slick, an excellent amount of cushion, and left my face feeling moisturised.

speickAn interesting side note about the Speick is that is contains extracts from the Speick plant which has been used for centuries for its various healing and calming properties. The Speick website has a nice write up on it here.

Keeping in mind that this is a relatively inexpensive product I would say that the lather, scent and performance of the Speick Shaving Cream holds its own against some of the ‘big boys’ of the wet shaving world.

Tools used:

Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush