Speick Natural Deo Stick Deodorant

I usually like to give a product a couple of weeks of use before I sit down write down my thoughts, but I believe the record heat and humidity, biking to work, and working in an old non air conditioned school building these past few days have given me more than enough to comment on Speick Natural Deo Stick.

A few months ago I decided to make the switch to more naturally based deodorants. I won’t go into reasons again but if you are interested take a look at my last couple of posts here. Ultimately the deodorant is costing me a bit more but I feel better about it, especially if it works just as well. Which is what I can say about the Speick Natural Deo stick.

The biggest concern for me is smelling bad, not so much whether or not I will perspire. Antiperspirants freak me out. Always have. The idea of preventing your body of sweating so too unnatural. (Antiperspirants tend to have aluminum salts). With the heat this week hitting 42c (107f) on a couple of days, more so indoors, the Speick had its work cut out for it and it performed awesomely. By the time I got home in the late afternoon I could still smell the deodorant, with only the slightest hint of B.O., which under the circumstances I can except.

I will also have to give high marks on the scent if the Speick deodorant stick. It has a great outdoorsy, evergreen fragrance with some spice elements blended in. A very clean, very fresh feeling. If you are looking for a scent that a Speed Stick would provide you are looking in the wrong place.  Speick have another scent available which smells like their shave cream. I picked up both but have yet to use the other.

The deodorant goes on clear, a little wet, but I didn’t have any issues with it staining any of my shirts.

If you are looking for a natural alternative to your deodorant, the German made Speick Deo Stick might be a good place to start. It smells great, works really well, and you can feel good about using it. Available from Amazon.