Soda Pop Shave – A Review of Col. Conk’s Lime Shaving Soap

Price: 9
Cushion: 6
Slickness: 8
Scent: 6.5
Moisturising: 6
Overall: 7

IMG_6996The Colonel seems to divide the wet shaving world, there are the haters, and then those who love the Colonel – whether it be because of their frugalness or just because of their genuine love of the product. The second soap I had ever purchased was Col. Conk’s Almond (the first being Proraso Green mainly because due to it being available in my local drug store); the price point and the search for a almond scented soap making my decision for me. Well after more creams and soaps than I care to count, I have been reunited with the Colonel – this time with his Lime Scented Soap.

soda_lime2The only other Lime scented shaving product I have used is Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Lemon and Lime cream – which has a citrus feel to it. The same cannot be said about Col. Conk’s Lime Shave Soap. The best way to describe the scent of this glycerine based shave soap is Soda Pop. Lime flavored soda pop. Or possibly similar to Jolly Rancher Lime candy. It is hard to say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. When I initially received the soap and took a whiff I was turned off – too sweet – but a week later when I used the soap for the first time I didn’t mind it. So I guess you need to be in the mood for Col. Conk’s Lime – a bad thing if it is the only shave soap you own.

If you don’t like the idea of soda scented shave soap you are in luck because the scent doesn’t last very long. By the time I started shaving I was more or less left with soap – for the price can’t really ask for much I guess. The lather, which was rather easy to build up, performed quite well. It provided a decent cushion, not as much as with some of my creams, but enough for a comfortable shave. I found that it did provide more than an adequate amount of slickness for my shave resulting in a close shave that didn’t leave my face feeling dry.

Although Col Conk’s Lime won’t become my ‘go to’ soap anytime soon, I can see why this soap will be appealing to some people. The price is right, the puck will last you a long time, and the smell will be appealing to some. As stated above the performance is more than sufficient, probably favoring someone who has been wet shaving for some time rather than someone just starting out.

Tools used:

Merkur 37C
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush