Edwin Jagger Heather Razor So I bought my wife a DE razor…

Updated: December 19, 2016

So I bought my wife the Edwin Jagger Heather ladies safety razor for her birthday and I received an earful from some of my co-workers.  Essentially being told that it was a terrible gift and that I was suggesting that she was overly hairy.  Let me start by saying (in case my wife is reading this) that my wife is not overly hairy.  But like many women she does use a razor from time to time. Regardless of my co-workers I stand by my gift and my wife seemed to be happy with it as well.  After all it isn’t like I purchased her a pack of disposable razors, it well designed tool that she will use on a regular basis, that looks and feel way better than any disposable.

edwin jagger heatherThe razor itself is has the same three piece head as the other 8x series line from Edwin Jagger, my go to razor being the 89lbl. It is relatively mild in terms of aggression, in my opinion making it perfect for a ladies needs.

The biggest difference of course comes in the handle itself having a subtle pearlescent coating, giving it a very feminine look. The handle doesn’t have any type of real grip, having a smooth finish, but I wouldn’t say that it is slippery. There is a small nub on the end of the razor that allows you to rest your finger on for more support. After a few weeks of use my wife has not mentioned any issues with the razor handle whatsoever.

Like the other Edwin Jagger razors I have used, the Heather has an overall good feel to it. A good amount of weight, it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart after a few uses, and there really isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t last for years.

It may have been an unconventional gift for my wife’s birthday, but in the end it is an item that she probably wouldn’t have purchased herself. It is also worth mentioning that she had started using my razors so why shouldn’t she have her own? So if you are looking for a gift for your wife or girlfriend  you may want to consider the Edwin Jagger Heather safety razor, but before placing the order I would be sure to assess if your significant other falls under my wife’s category and not that of my co-workers.