Shaving and Sensitive Skin

I was talking to my buddy Mike this morning about shaving and sensitive skin and the different ways in which he could combat the situation.  I directed him to only to realize that I had yet to write an article. So here you go Mike, and anyone else who might find this useful.

The solution to the problem of sensitive skin and shaving is really a several step operation.

Adequate Pre Shave Preparation

This can’t be stressed enough. This is an important step for those without sensitive skin, let alone those without. In addition to a good wash and scrub, using a high quality pre shave oil or cream may benefit you greatly by softening your beard giving your blade an easier time.

Shave Cream

This should go without saying, but if your current shave cream isn’t providing you the proper protection it may be time for you to start looking for a cream that does. Consider soaps that are particularly formulated to provide extra protection for sensitive skin, or even investing in a sample pack of soaps.

Choosing the Right Blades

Different blades will work differently for everyone. Changing your blade brand may provide a massive difference when it comes to comfort and irritation.  Once again, investing in a sample pack and working your way through the different blades may be your best bet in finding a blade that is right for you.


Adjusting your shaving technique may also prove helpful. Be sure that you are not applying too much pressure while shaving. That you are shaving with the grain of you beard growth. And that you are holding your razor at the appropriate angle. This may seem like a lot but it really is a few minutes of adjustments over a couple of shaves and you should have it down.


Finishing things up with a quality aftershave balm will ensure that any irritation you do end up with after your shave will be dealt with quickly.

A final thought to consider is to avoid shaving daily. Giving your skin a chance to heal is a good idea, after all, you are scraping a sharp metal edge along your face.

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