Shave Sticks The Ignored Soap

It may not be the case for the seasoned wet shaver, but for many of the non classic wet shavers out there the shave stick is an oddity, that would be met with some confusion and surprise (I know it was for me). For the most part I would imagine you would be hard pressed finding a shave stick in a drug store, grocery store, or wherever you buy your shaving supplies (at least in my part of North America). But it is a shame shave sticks are a convenient alternative, whether you are looking for a quick shave at home or an easy option for travel. If you have yet to give a shave stick a try I compiled a list of four options to get you going. If you have no idea on how to use a shave stick you can take a look at this article – but it is really rather simple 1. wet your face; 2 rub the shave stick all over it; 3 build you lather with a shave brush.

arko shave stickThe Arko Shave Stick is arguably the king of all shave sticks. It has a very distinct scent, a loyal fan base, and of course fantastic labeling. Available from Amazon.

The Lea Shaving stick as an all around excellent, well performing soap, that is sure to make a strong argument for the switch to the shave stick. Available at the Italian Barber. 

La Toja Shave StickThe La Toja shave stick, a Spanish product, has a fresh and clean overall wonderful scent, along with the ability to offer you a wonderful shave experience. Available on Amazon.
speick shave stick
The best way to describe the scent of the Speick shave stick is unique and fantastic, something your really need to try to appreciate. Available on Fendrihan.

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