Shave Select Box Review

Updated: January 5, 2017 is no longer in operation.  You can still find the review below.

I received my first box from Shave Select on Thursday evening but a busy weekend has forced me to wait until today to give my thoughts on the box. Which after having the weekend to think about it should please most people who would be in the market for a subscription service of this nature.

To start off the presentation of the box is simple but effective. No real flash, you are aware that you received your Shave Select box and really that is all you need to get the shaving juices moving.

IMG_20150310_104841As you would expect with an introductory box, a starter razor is included in the shipment (don’t click away if you already have equipment – you can skip the first box!).  The razor itself is not bad, obviously you wouldn’t expect an upper end razor, but it feels like a decent introductory razor that you would most definitely upgrade from you decided that wet shaving is for you.

I was surprised to find that the box also included a Shaving Factory shavette – I nice touch I feel. I have yet to try one so I am happy to have the opportunity to give it a try. I would imagine many people would be in the same situation as me and welcome the opportunity experience a shave with one before investing in a higher quality shavette or even a straight razor.

IMG_20150310_105910As with the previous two items the shave brush that is included is also a Shave Factory product, which like the razor and shavette, is not a top of the line brush.  But like the above two items will definitely perform and if nothing else introduce you to the art of lathering with a brush before moving on to another brush.

The box also contained two soaps/creams, both Arko products which might seem a bit redundant but they do provide a decent introduction. The Arko shave stick which I think is a great inclusion, not only because it is loved by many, but also because it introduces the shave stick, which I would imagine most non-wet shavers are not familiar with (I wasn’t).

IMG_20150310_104422The remaining products consisted of a nice starter set of blades; a pack of Astra, Derby, and Feather (black label). A pack of alum match sticks, which is an interesting product that is worth trying out if not for any other reason than curiosity. Finally a sample pack of hair gel which I will sadly never get to use.

I think it is important to put things in perspective when assessing products or services like Shave Select, especially with the introductory box. An experienced wet shaver would not be overly impressed with the first box, but why would they? They already have their tools and experience with wet shaving. The first box is geared towards those who are looking to experience wet shaving as an alternative to the cartridge, and I feel that it accomplishes this with everything that is provided. The only thing I would add perhaps to the intro box is an aftershave sample.

IMG_20150305_151923There is another element to the subscription service that I feel is sometimes misunderstood. If you subscribe to a service like this you are doing so not necessarily to save money (although you might especially vs cartridge shaving), but rather for the experience of receiving products in the mail and the opportunity to try products that you may not have tried otherwise.

If you are curious about the service, including costs, you can check out Shave Select and get more information. If you want an idea of what the non-introduction boxes look like take a look here (second image).