Shave Factory Shaving Brush



The Short:

The Shave Factory Horse Hair shave brush is a low cost brush that gets the job done.

The Long:

I received a this Shave Factory shave brush in my shave select box a while back and I am finally getting around to writing some thoughts down.  It needs to be noted that this is what I would refer to as an introductory or budget type brush in both price and feel and shouldn’t or perhaps can’t be fairly compared to higher end brushes. Having said that I have to say that the brush does the job fairly well, and could probably be argued that you don’t really need much more than this.

IMG_20150420_105312Part of what makes this an affordable brush is the handle. It is a very simple construction made from what seems like pine. It’s round, it holds the brush, and that is the extent of it. In reality I guess one doesn’t really need anything more than this, but there is something to be said about a nice looking handle.

A nice feature is that the brush is made of  horse hair. Many of the brushes I have come across at this price point seem to be boar hair, so if you were looking for something just a bit difference it provides you with that. The brush itself isn’t overly dense, which should be expected I feel for a brush at this price.  It does a decent job at holding water, nothing compared to my badger hair brush, but 15 or 20 seconds was enough to get the brush wet enough to start lathering. The lathering process was straightforward as well no issues or difficulties in producing a decent lather.

I have read some reviews that complained of the brush losing hair.  After a couple of weeks of use I cannot say the same thing.  Some hair loss should be expected with any new brush and I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary with this Shave Factory Brush.

The Shave Factory Horse Hair brush is a good option for someone starting out or simply looking for a practical brush at a good price. Of course you could spend much much more on a brush and you will receive some added benefits – better feel, or more esthetically appealing handle. But it is a bit like thinking about a BMW vs Hyundai, is the BMW more exciting  and probably feels better while driving, but in the end it gets you to your destination in much the same way the Hyundai does.