Shave Cream in Tubs or Tubes?

DSC_0145~2Until recently I always purchased my shave creams in tubs. Not sure why really, I guess it just felt more special or something. The tubes resembled health care products that my wife might own – face creams and what not. I also liked the fact that I was able to swirl my brush right in the tub before transferring to my lather bowl.

IMG_20131101_212151But lately things seemed to have taken a shift. I seem to be favouring my shave cream in tubes instead of tubs. I like the ability to squeeze the ‘right’ amount right onto my brush before heading off to my lathering bowl. There is no real method to my madness but it has caused me to think about whether one is better than the other. While most seem to argue in favour of the tub, I feel there are positives to both.


  • Depending on your shave cabinet space – the ability to stack them makes the tub an attractive option
  • You tend to get more bang for your buck
  • They look better


  • Easy to control the amount that you are using / also easier if you are using a scuttle to place just the right amount in your bowl
  • Tend to have a longer shelf life
  • Great for travel
  • Easier to trade if you are not a fan

It may seem trivial to ponder questions like this – and I guess in the grand scheme it really doesn’t matter whether you pick up your shave cream in a tube instead of a tub. But if you are like me, and enjoy shaving a bit too much, then surely this question has crossed your mind. Luckily for me I run this blog and as a result I have an excuse for having both, but I would imagine most of you reading this purchase shave cream at a much more logical rate than I do you may be forced to make a decision.