Scent Trunk

IMG_20150606_081106A few weeks back I received a shipment from Scent Trunk, a fairly new company based out of Canada that offers a monthly subscription box of men’s fragrances.  Subscription based services have been popping up over the last couple of years ranging from shaving products to accessories.  I have had fragrance samples included with some of the subscriptions, but this is the first one that I have come across that exclusively offers fragrances.  I have to admit there is something appealing about the fragrance option.

Generally I don’t have a ‘scent’ and to be honest for the most part I haven’t bothered with any type of cologne. The biggest reason being that I can’t or don’t want to deal with the search for my scent. Which is what might make Scent Trunk appealing to some of you.  When you subscribe to their service you are asked to fill out a short survey (choosing either a novice direction or experienced) that they use to help tailor your monthly selections. Everyone receives three samples per month, more than enough to last you until your next shipment.  The samples range is size based on the concentration of the scent – so if you receive a smaller vial it should be an indicator to not apply too much.  If you find something you love you can order a larger bottle directly from Scent Trunk, if not you can continue with your search.

In addition to the samples, the shipment box comes with some interesting info cards corresponding to each cologne.  Providing not only background on the fragrance, but also when to wear it, how long you should expect it to last, and it’s sillage.   Unnecessary information? Maybe.  Interesting and informative absolutely.

IMG_20150606_081603Scent Trunk is not limited to men, they have a female offering as well, and if you so wish you can take the survey from a unisex perspective. In addition to the standard subscription mentioned above there is also a seasonal option that you can choose that includes four fragrances, four times a year. The price is right for either subscription and if you don’t find it appealing for yourself it could make for an interesting gift – fathers day is right around the corner. At the time of writing there is a discount being offered so a bit more incentive to head over to Scent Trunk.

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