Sam’s Natural After Shave Balm

I have had an enjoyable week using Sam’s Natural After Shave Balm. I only came across it when I was looking for some new, natural, deodorant sticks and stumbled upon Sam’s Natural products.  In an effort to take advantage of the shipping costs I kept adding items to my cart until shipping costs bumped up a level.

The first thing you will notice is that the after shave balm is in stick form. While I realized this when I placed the order I don’t think I was really thinking about it until it came in. My first reaction was that it was not going to be the most ideal product to use, and after using for the first time I still felt that it just didn’t feel most effective or logic to apply after shave balm via a stick.  However, after a few more uses and I changed my mind. Although it takes slightly longer to apply than a cream or a splash, it really is quite simple. It glides on easily, very smooth, and very little is needed.

This after shave provides a different feel and experience compared to any other after shave product. It kind of feels like you are rubbing a chap stick on your face. If that description turns you off, it shouldn’t. It really leaves your face feeling clean, soft, and fresh.

There is a warm sweetness to the scent of the after shave. Cloves being the dominant scent, but blended in with hints of pumpkin spice and a bit of almonds as well. The scent makes me want to hit the outdoors if I’m honest.

Final note on

I’m not sure if I would Sam’s Natural After Shave Balm on a daily basis. I enjoy using splashes and creams a bit too much. However, I do see always keeping some of this around.  It would be great for packing when travelling or better yet for camping trips. More more information and pricing check out their website.