Retro Razor – 1965 Gillette Travel Tech- A Closer Look

1965 Gillette travel tech This 1965 Gillette Travel Tech razor is my first venture into the vintage razor market (an online auction purchase that nearly turned into multiple razors in an effort to save on shipping) and, unfortunately, it may not be my last. Here is my first look at the razor with some images below for comparison.



First Look

The Gillette Travel Tech and the Merkur 42C

When I ordered the razor I was aware that it was going to be on the smaller side. I had no idea that it was going to be as small as it is. Even beside my Merkur  1904, my next smallest razor, the Gillette looks tiny (see photo). It almost seems toy like, something my kid could be playing with, but it doesn’t feel like a toy when holding it. Oddly I feel like it may provide a more maneuverability than some of my longer handled razors, but we will have to wait and see after I get a chance to use it.


IMG_6709I can only assume that the size and labelling of the Gillette as a travel razor was a bit more of a marketing campaign than practical. Lets be honest, how much space does your razor actually take up? Mind you the three piece design to the razor really allows you to shrink it down, but even with it taken apart, I’m still quite sure that the largest razor I have still fits comfortably in my jacket pocket. However, if it was a marketing campaign, it still works, because I am excited to use this little razor.

The Handle

IMG_6714As small as it is the handle has a wonderful ornate design to it which I am sure is going to provide more than sufficient grip. If you have larger hands I’m not sure you would have a great time with this, in fact it may be impossible for you to use.


Cutting Head

IMG_6712The cutting head of the Gillette Travel Tech is quite narrow, streamlined, especially compared to the 1904 and the rest of my razors. My first impression is that it will actually provide better performance, particularly around the nose and under the chin. On the flip side the bulkier, more substantial head is also appealing from a construction point of view.

Final Thoughts

The Gillette Travel Tech and the Merkur 23C

I’m quite excited to add this 1965 Gillette Travel Tech razor to the rotation and I have a good feeling about it as well. The smaller handle is definitely a selling feature if not for practical reasons, then for conversational reasons for sure. Leave this sitting on your bathroom sink and people will either ask you about it, or wonder what the hell is going on with your shave routine.