Razors on the Cheap – Discount DE Razor Review 2

A few weeks back I started a new segment here on TheCloseShave taking a look at discount de razors.  My goal – to find out how a razor costing me a couple of bucks would perform for no other reason than curiosity. My first discount razor wasn’t terrible. The experience with my second discount razor (a twist to open) was, for just over two U.S. dollar, I would have to say was better than good.

razor 2

The best place to start with this razor is the packaging. Not so much the box itself but the case that came with the razor. The case has a built in mirror which I thought was a nice touch.  Really only useful if you were travelling, but to be honest this is the type of razor that you would want to take when you are travelling.  I’m thinking camping trips, backpacking, type trips.  Not so much the trips that find you in a higher end hotel.  Like the first discount razor I reviewed, this one also came with a tiny brush to clean out the razor gap.  Although it kind of makes sense, I don’t see why any one would use it.

First impression of the razor was also positive.  The quality of razor is better than what I would have expected.  The knob to open and close the shave head is made out of plastic, but the rest of the handle and head are some type of metal. To be honest until you touch it the razor kind of resembles a Super Speed.

As for how it shaved. Shockingly well. I used it all week long and can honestly say that every shave was good.  More than sufficient. Of course, the quality feel of a more expensive razor is missing.  As is some of the weight. But looking at it simply from a scar free shaved face it succeeds. I was so pleased with the shave that I would suggest the razor to friends who were on the fence and didn’t want to spend on a more expensive introductory razor.

The cutting head was also impressive (for $2.00).  Lots can go wrong with a twist to open razor but I couldn’t really spot anything with this one. The gap on each side of the head seems to be equal and the doors didn’t come loose during my shave.

This razor has officially become my camping razor.  I don’t see myself reaching for it otherwise, with many other razors to choose from that provide an all around experience. But if you know someone who is looking for something crazy cheap, and works, here is your answer. Here is a link to the razor if anyone is interested.