RazoRock Super Knurl DE Safety Razor

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A while back I realized that the razor review section has been neglected somewhat and since then I have been picking up razors of all kinds – the Merkur Progress, the Black Standard, a bunch of discount razors from AliExpress that I am still waiting for, and the subject of today’s review the RazoRock Super Knurl DE Safety Razor from the Italian Barber – all in order to build it up.

I’ll start off by saying that the RazoRock Super Knurl makes for an excellent starter razor, because of price point, aesthetics, and build. It looks and feels like a higher priced razor, so much so that someone one new to classic wet shaving wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

What really makes this razor stand out is the stainless steel handle.  It is sharp looking with a rather larger diameter (12mm), the knurl giving it excellent grip, and it is heavy. It is the weight I think that impresses me most and really makes it feel like a much more expensive razor. I can see someone wanting to use this razor with one of their favourite cutting heads.

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The cutting head on the RazoRock Super Knurl isn’t overly aggressive and provided a nice shave. It has a two piece design and if I have a criticism, and a small one at that, it would be would with the top plate of the cutting head, in that it doesn’t feel built to the same standard of the rest of the razor. But one can’t be overly critical of a razor that comes in under $20 and performs as it does.

The razor was designed to compete with some bigger name introductory razors like the Edwin Jagger 89lbl but with a more attractive price point.  It really is a great razor and would make for a great gift for Father’s Day, birthday present, or even as an addition to your collection. Will this razor replace my Progress? Unlikely. Will the average shaver need anything more? Probably not. For more information you can check out the ItalianBarber.com.

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