RazoRock Son of Zeus Artisan Bar Soap

A few months ago I used, and reviewed, a bar of soap from Dr Squatch, a great smelling soap that I received in a monthly subscription box and it had got me thinking. Is it possible that artisans soaps are any better than my bar of Lever 2000 or Irish Spring? They are definitely more expensive. Surely there has to be something to it; like shaving cream, you have the mass market stuff and then you have the good stuff.  So, I decided to start to investigate things.  I picked up a couple of bars of artisan soap from the ItalianBarber in a recent order of shave supplies. I broke into the RazoRock Son of Zeus bar first.

In some ways reviewing bars of soap is really easy. Did it smell great? Did it dry you out? Is it made of things that will potentially harm you? Warning: tangent ahead. This last question is something that I really wouldn’t have considered five years ago but now find myself thinking about more and more. Sure we all have to, and will, die of something.  And yes I realize, and acknowledge the fact that many people don’t necessarily want to live their life worrying about every product they are using. But the fact of the matter is that for a few extra bucks a month I can feel better about what I am using. It might not make a difference.  But then it might.

Back to the subject at hand, RazoRock Son of Zeus Artisan soap.

razorock son of zeus

The Smell

I love the smell of this soap.  Before I even ripped the wrapper off I could tell that it was going to be a great experience.  According to their website the scent is inspired be Terre de Hermes, which I have never tried, so I can’t confirm if it is reminiscent. What I can tell you is that the soap has what I would describe as having a dominant cedar smell with hints of citrus (orange and grapefruit), along with some other elements that I can’t pin point, but come together to make a great smelling soap.

Other details

Scent aside the soap didn’t dry out my skin. It is 100‰ vegetable based soap, palm free and sustainable. It is free from EDTA/BHT.  There are no preservatives, no colorants, no SLS, no detergents.  And perhaps most importantly it is made in Italy

Overall a pleasant experience with the bar of RazoRock Son of Zeus soap.  It isn’t overly expensive, it smells great (not so much if you don’t like cedar and citrus I guess), and of course the natural ingredients (take a look at the image below for a full list). Head over to the Italian Barber for more details.

razorock son of zeus