RazoRock Mirrored Pole TTO Razor – Review

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what I was getting when I purchased the RazoRock Mirrored Pole TTO.  I was looking for a new razor to test and came across this one, the price was right so I ordered it.  It arrived a couple of weeks ago but only got to it this past week and had a chance to use it three times so far, and I would imagine more than I few more times in the future.

IMG_6535The RazoRock Mirrored Pole TTO, is a low cost razor, and I wasn’t expect much from it.  When I picked it up for the first time I was surprised by the weight of the razor.  Not that a low cost razor can’t have weight to it, but I generally don’t expect it.  Looking into it further the razor is chrome over a brass frame – impressive really for the price. My other initial observation was the handle, which has a very ornate finish and design to it (see picture to the right).  In addition to the weight, it offers a comfortable grip.  Personally I prefer handles that are a bit more simple, simply from an aesthetics point of view – something like the lined handle of the Edwin Jagger 89lbl, or even the straight forward Merkur 180.  But if you like the look of this handle then you will like the handle all around.

IMG_6534The head design, as the title points out, is a Twist To Open design, where as suggested you twist the handle to open the head, which allows you to insert the blade. Most of my razors have a three piece design or two piece design to them.  Not for any particular reason, but I will have to say that I prefer loading my two or three piece razors over this one – I just seems a bit more comfortable.  However, I did find that I preferred this razor for unloading, very straight forward.  I guess I’m just never satisfied.

IMG_6538The design of the head also makes it a bit chunkier than other razor heads that I have. If you take a look at the photo on the right, you can see that it is a bit taller than the Edwin Jagger 89, and a bit wider.  When it came to using the razor it didn’t seem to have any effect on how I handled the razor or its performance.

As for the performance of the RazoRock Mirrored Pole Razor I was, well, more than impressed.  Part of me going into the shave was thinking, that I was going to have to clean things up with different razor for my third pass, but it wasn’t the case. The balance of the razor was nice, the angle of the blade wasn’t too aggressive and not too mild – just right; and beyond not loving the look of the handle it provided and comfortable grip.

IMG_6536This razor may have altered the way I think when it comes to razors I pick up in the future and what I may recommend to others. Part of me always feels compelled to look for razors starting at no less then $30, feeling that the quality will be lacking otherwise, and I’m sure with many razors in a lower price point that may be the case.  But not with this with this RazoRock.  I could see this razor being the only razor someone would ever need.