Range Leather Razor Case

I was lucky enough to get an early look at Range Leather‘s new Razor Case for double edge razors, and I couldn’t be more impressed with it. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on wet shaving and travel, and this would have made a great accessory at the time.

Although the idea of have a case for your safety razor is nothing new, what Range Leather came up with definitely stands alone, the attention to detail and more importantly the quality of this case really puts in a class of its own. The quality of the case is most evident in the quality of the leather (smells fantastic) and the in the stitching. Unlike some of the other options available, there is no chance that the case will ever come apart at the seams.

I tried the case with different razors, long & short, and each fit nicely and safely in the case. There is zero chance of accidental injury reaching into your suitcase or carry on. The brass button that fastens the cover down is a perfect example of a detail that helps separate Range’s Leather Case from the others.

This case is an example of when you should not settle for something less.  Sure you could pick up a cheaper case, both in cost and construction, but how long will it last you? To be honest I feel that there is something to be said about using a quality product, in this case made by hand, vs one that was put together in a factory somewhere overseas. You probably dished out some case for your razor so you might as well protect it and yourself with something well made that will last you probably forever. The Range Leather case is currently running on a Kickstarter campaign and depending on your donation level you will receive a discount on your order once they hit production.



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