Proraso White Shave Soap Sensitive Blend – Review

Updated: December 27, 2016


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Proraso whiteLately I feel like I get more excited about visiting the drug store than my wife does. The drug store was once her domain with aisle upon aisle of products for woman – make-up, nail polish, perfumes, creams, and other facial products.  A destination that I tried to avoid at all costs for fear of having to wait an extraordinary amount of time for her to decide on what hand cream to purchase, is now an opportunity for a new find – a shaving soap I haven’t tried, or perhaps some after shave lotion that looked interesting.  Sometimes my finds have been disappointing, for example with the Williams Mug Shave Soap, other times it is a great find like the Proraso Sensitive Shave Soap I found last night.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgI have encountered the Proraso Sensitive Shave Soap several times in the past and never picked it up because generally I wouldn’t classify my skin as being sensitive, but I had the unfortunate situation of using a Derby blade in my Edwin Jagger 89lbl that probably should have never been used – it had one shave to its name and I thought I could get away with another – not the case.  (Just for the record the day before I was using my new Bakelite Slant and didn’t want to use it for back to back shaves – trying to space it out in order to provide a better review; which will follow in a few days.)  So my face wasn’t feeling so great.  That evening I went to the drug store with my wife and picked up my new tub of Proraso.


I used it this morning and it was a more than pleasant experience.  When I see the Proraso label I immediately think of their classic Eucalyptus & Menthol blend in its green container with its unmistakable scent.  The scent in the Sensitive blend is much more subdued.  There is still a hint of menthol in the blend but not anywhere near as strong as the Green Blend.  I enjoy the scent of the Green tub – but could see people finding it too strong making this an option for those. (For more on the various proraso colours check out this post on Proraso.


The lathering of the soap was extremely easy as well, rather enjoyable actually, whipped up a nice lather on the first go.  I would describe the soap as almost being cream like.  Although subdued, the Menthol still provided a nice fresh feeling as I applied the lather to my beard.

I was a bit concerned about shaving again after the events of the previous day, but with a new Astra blade loaded in my Edwin Jagger I was ready to go, and it was a really nice shave.  My face felt moisturized and I didn’t experience any razor burn.  The lack of razor burn may have partially been attributed to the new blade and a bit of cautiousness on my part, but unlikely that it was the main reason.

If possible I try to find some fault in a product but I can’t really say that the Proraso Sensitive Blend has any.  My face felt great while shaving and after the shave and it will definitely be part of my rotation.  More than likely on days following a less than desirable shave.

Razor used: Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Brush used: Edwin Jagger Best Badger

Although not specifically for the Sensitive Soap, here is a great Proraso ad, even if you don’t understand Italian.

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