Proraso Nick Sealer

It isn’t very often that I look forward to nicking myself while shaving, but I had been staring at my Proraso nick sealer every morning since I picked it up over a month ago that I was starting to consider a self inflicted nick. Luckily it didn’t come to that and I finally gave myself a little cut a couple of mornings ago providing me an opportunity to write a quick review of the product in good faith.

The product has a tackiness to it which actually makes a lot of sense; have a cut? Seal it up. Makes you feel a bit like a boxer with their crazy glue remedy. When I first applied it I had some trouble which I think was due to a couple things – a wet face and not enough product. Once I dried my face, and was slightly more liberal with the gel (still a small amount), the cut closed up nicely, very quick, and didn’t notice an evidence of it the following morning.

Tried to capture the consistency of the gel
Tried to capture the consistency of the gel

Although not overly important for a product like this the gel has the same classic Eucalyptus & Menthol scent of the entire Proraso green line.

If you already use an alum stick to sort out your nicks and cuts and are satisfied with that there may not be any need to add the Proraso Nick Sealer. I would say that I found that once your face is dry the sealer did work really fast. The sealer isn’t too costly, and can be found in various online retailers, I feel that it is at least worth a try.

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