Preventing & Dealing with Ingrown Hairs

Many of us have had to deal with the dreaded ingrown hair – the pain, the irritation, the feeling that it will never…ever…go away. It’s amazing a rouge hair can do to you when it decides to grown sideways. Fortunately you don’t need to sit idle waiting for that next ingrown hair, or if you do find yourself with one there are steps you can take.


You number one defense against the ingrown hair is to be proactive. Using a high quality scrub not only helps with improving the look of your skin it helps to stand those hairs up on end. You may also want to map out your beard grain ensuring that you are always shaving in the direction of you hair growth.  For more on this check out this article.


If your prevention methods fail you do not fret.  As long as you didn’t wait too long you can get at that hair with a set of tweezers.  Use a warm washcloth on your face ahead of time to soak the area, using a decent set of pointed tweezers you want to pull the hair out from under your skin, and follow it up with some topical treatment to help with redness and reduce any chance of infection.


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