Clubman Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Aftershave Lotion


I’m not going to lie, but the first time I opened my bottle if Clubman Pinaud Lilac Vegetal aftershave, all I could smell was nail polish remover. Luckily that was the one and only time that I had that reaction, perhaps it had something to do with cracking open a new bottle, but it did initially have me concerned about the product.

I had read some reviews prior to ordering a bottle and there were quite a few negative reviews. Happily I can say that my experience over the past week with the Lilac Vegetal did not compare to some of the bad experiences out there. Some of the reviews were a few years old so it is possible that Clubman has updated their formula but I haven’t found any write ups that suggest that.

One thread in particular over at the Badger and Blade had some pretty strong feelings on the fragrance stating that, “It smells very much like Play-Doh.” (Which isn’t so bad, Play-Doh isn’t really that offensive, I wouldn’t want to smell like it, but it isn’t so bad). Another user in the same thread commented that “it smelled like someone urinated on me”, which of course is much more offensive, and a position I will have to strongly disagree with; at least with my bottle.Clubman Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Aftershave

Although I would agree some of the comments out there stating that the scent of Lilac or any sense of vegetation is hard to notice, I would have to disagree with the comments suggesting that it smells bad. I would have to say that the Lilac and Vegetal has a very clean feel to it, which is a departure from the other scents I have tried thus far from Clubman like the Bay Rum or Vanilla. I think my wife described the scent best a couple mornings ago when she described the smell as a bit like baby powder.

Scent aside the aftershave works great, as you would expect from Clubman. It does a nice job tighten the skin and dealing with any irritation.

Of course you not everyone is going to like every scent that is produced, so you are going to find those who simply hate the smell and others who love it. I would say that I like the smell of Clubman Pinaud Lilac Vegetal aftershave. I don’t in any way find it offensive, it is actually a nice departure from some if the stronger scents out there, it just isn’t something that I would claim as ‘my’ scent.

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