A Great Reason To Start Using Pre-Shave Oil

oscar's oilIf there is an aspect of a man’s shaving routine that is often ignored, it is the use of a pre-shave oil. The practice has fallen away at some point in the mass market production line of shaving products which is unfortunate because using a high quality shave oil can make a big difference between an ok shave and great shave. I had the pleasure of using some of Oscar’s Oil pre-shave oils and I was more than impressed with the results. If you have never used pre-shave oils or haven’t had a great experience with them you really should give them a try.

There are many elements to Oscar’s Oil that really help it stand out from some other oils that I have tried.  I found the consistency of the oil to be near perfect, it wasn’t thick or gunky, but a nice thin oil that is a pleasure to apply. Using only a very small amount of oil provided a excellent layer of protection from my razor (a bottle should last you some time). If you are used to shave oil clogging up your razor you won’t find that with this, the oil easily rinsed off the razor and hands, but happily managed to stay on my face for all the passes of my shave.

If the shave experience isn’t enough for you, the fact that Oscar’s Oil is hand crafted and made entirely of only a few natural ingredients. According to their website “You could drink this stuff right out of the bottle”, however they do confess that it may not taste great. In addition to being made in America, and 100% natural, the guys over at Oscar’s Oil packaged the oil in a cobalt blue glass bottle that looks great in your shave cabinet (everyone has a shave cabinet right?), the oil to last longer because the glass protects it from UV exposure, and is fully recyclable once you get every last drop out of it.

If you are one of the many out there that has never tried a pre-shave oil, or stopped because you found that the whole process was a bit too messy to start a shave because the oil was clumpy and sticky I implore you to give Oscar’s Oil a try. I’ll be surprised if you don’t find your shaves even more comfortable and enjoyable. At the moment, in addition to their signature scent, Oscar’s Oil offers a Sandalwood, laverder, and teatree mint fragrances that can all be found on oscarsoil.com.


*This was a sponsored post.


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