Ogallala Bay Rum and Vanilla Aftershave & Pre-Shave

I have been using Ogallala Bay Rum and Vanilla aftershave, pre-shave, and skin toner for over a week now. The second multi-purpose product I have used in as many weeks (last week’s review). Like last week’s review I was really pleased with the results, but this week the results were also met with more than a few comments from others ranging from “fuck, you smell good” to “are you drinking a chai latte”and another simply saying “cloves”.

The fragrance of the Bay Rum and Vanilla, like the soaps I have tried from Ogallala, is on the sweet side. I’m not always a huge fan of smelling overly sweet but the Ogallala products seem to have a different edge to them. I end up smelling a bit sweet and the people around me seem to enjoy that fact from my wife to co-workers. The fragrance is great for the spring and summer months, but if you are absolutely against smelling somewhat like a latte or slightly like a bakery, you may not love the smell – but others probably will.

The oil has a nice consistency to it, it isn’t too oily and linger around on your fingers after application. The labelling suggests to apply liberally (which I did not feel bad about because the bottle was much larger than I had expected), and it did a great job of adding an extra layer of protection for my blade. The oil wasn’t razor clogging and lasted for multiple passes. I actually found that I was able to continue shaving after the lather was off my face for more than a few passes with just the oil on my face without any issues. Not that I’m saying you should only use this oil and no lather, but I was able to buff my face without any issues.

The Ogallala did an equally good job after the shave at refreshing the face, and dealing with any razor burn issues that you may have encountered during your shave. Unlike some aftershaves I have used, the scent will easily continue for the entirety of your workday. Just a warning, I found that the aftershave does have a burn to it, not your typical burn you get with aftershave, more of a wake you up slap kind of burn.

Although I wouldn’t call the Ogallala Bay Rum Vanilla aftershave, preshave, and skin toner a traditional bay rum, it is definitely a nice departure which provides a nice balance between the spice of the bay rum and sweetness of the vanilla. The cobalt blue glass bottle looks great on the feels great and looks great on your shave shelf. The ingredients are equally impressive. The only real reason why you might not want to try this is if you are dead set against smelling a bit sweet.

Available from Fendrihan

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