Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange Shave Soap – A Review



I had a few moments today so I decided to whip off a quick review of Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange Shaving Soap. It has been sitting in my cupboard for a couple weeks so I thought I may as well give it a go, I have been using it since Thursday and some of my observations and thoughts are below.



A while back I posted a review of the Ogallala Bay Rum and Lemon Grass Shave Soap which I quite enjoyed, so much so that I decided to share it with a few friends so I melted it down. I would have to say that my experience with the Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange Shaving Soap was very similar to that of the Lemon Grass when it came to lather and performance; a nice full lather is easy to whip up and the protection and glide that it provides is equally pleasing.


Instead I will say a few words on the scent of the soap. The combination of the Bay Rum and Sweet Orange initially has a peppery punch to it which quickly turns to the sweetness of the Orange. My instinct is to say that it is best described as refreshing, but I am not sure if that provides an adequate picture – what I mean by that is that I can see days when I wouldn’t want to use this soap. The scent is very particular and I really need to be in the mood for it, unlike some other soaps that I could probably use any time – Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado comes to mind. I’m not saying it isn’t pleasant, it is, just that I wouldn’t reach for it everyday.


On a side note, you shouldn’t let the packaging throw you off. It is quite simple really, a white box with sticker. The soap comes wrapped in its own packaging within the box. It is definitely not a reflection on the product itself. We should judge by packaging but unfortunately I feel that it matters, sometimes I would argue that opening something that has sexy packaging is more satisfying than the product itself (thinking Apple products – love them or hate them they have great packaging). In the end the Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange shave soap is a nice departure from your ‘traditional’ mainly scent one expects from shaving products.

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