Ogallala Bay Rum and Lemon Grass Shave Soap – Review


Ogallala Bay Rum and Lemon Grass Shave SoapAfter my experience earlier in the week with my puck of Col Conk Bay Rum I was desperate to bounce back with a soap that had some serious kick to it when it came to scent. I rifled through the soaps in my to review pile and decided that there was no better time to break open a puck of Ogallala Bay Rum, specifically the Bay Rum & Lemon Grass Shaving Soap. I ordered this five or six weeks ago excited by the prospect of what the Lemon Grass would be like, when it came in I was excited by the intense smell coming from the box. One thing lead to another and for some reason i never got to the Ogallala Bay soap. Well the wait is over.


As I mentioned the smell from the soap was quite evident even with the soap still wrapped and inside its box. The packaging itself is quite simple, and feels like you are opening an artisans soap not one from some big operation. The puck I picked up is 4.5oz, and just by looking at the size of this puck it’s going to be around for some time.


As expected unwrapping the soap aloud even more of the fragrance to be had. I found that the lemon grass really comes through and is balanced nicely with the Bay Rum. Not only is it balanced nicely I feel that the two scents compliment each other very well. I will say that if you prefer your soaps to have a more subtle scent you may want to look elsewhere.


The Ogallala Bay Rum and Lemon Grass didn’t disappoint when it came to lathering either. I tossed the puck into my shave bowl that I usually build lather in because it was too big for my standard soap bowl, and built lather using my scuttle (no warm water – just scuttle). After a couple of tries to get the balance between soap and water correct, the lather built up nicely and quickly. As for performance it had a nice amount of cushion and slickness. The Astra blade was performing at its peak.


The Ogallala Bay Rum and Lemon Grass is a great all all around shave soap. Great scent, great lather, and very good performance. I gave it a 9 for scent simply because the fragrance may be too much for some. Otherwise the Ogallala Bay Rum and Lemon Grass shave soap is a must try for any serious shave soap rotation.

Tools used in images:

Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Omega Boar Brush
Homemade Black Haired Badger Brush

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