No Scuttle? No Problem.

If you are looking for some warm lather but don’t own a Shave Scuttle, either because you are saving up for one, not sure if you really need one, you are too cheap, or afraid of receiving trial seperation papers from your wife if any more shaving equipment was to enter the house, you needn’t worry because you have options.  Below is one way that I warmed my lather prior to picking up my shave scuttle.

Step One

Fill your sink with hot tap water. While it is filling, warm up your bowl with the tap water, fill the bowl, letting it overflow just enough so just over half of your bowl is submerged in water.

This would be a great time to shower.

Step Two

(At this point you could empty your sink and repeat the above process to ensure that your water and bowl are as warm as could be – but if you don’t want to waste time or water you could skip this step.) Load your brush with some soap, empty the water from your bowl, and build your lather. Placing your brush back in the bowl, which more than likely will be floating in your sink. Perform you first pass.

Step Three

If all went well, and as long as your first pass didn’t take an eternity, the lather in your bowl should still be nice and warm for you second pass, and hopefully your third.

There you have it. Warm lather with no scuttle. Of course there are other methods of achieving warm lather, this being just one of them. I’ll cover additional methods in future posts.

There are clear advantages to using a proper scuttle; less water waste, heat has a much more difficult time escaping from a scuttle – meaning warm lather longer, often the ridges in the bowl help produce excellent lather, and often you are dealing with a much larger bowl than with a standard or typical lathering bowl. But until you make a decision to pick one up you should not deny yourself the occasional luxury of a warm shave.