Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Cream

Value: 7
Cushion: 7
Slickness: 8
Scent Pleasantness: 5
Scent Strength (balance): 7
Moisturising: 8

For the past few weeks I have been using Nivea’s Sensitive Shave Cream for Men. The first shaving product in a long time that is produced by a ‘large’ company; prior to this I would say that Proraso was the next biggest company and I’m not sure if they are really known very well outside of Europe and classic wet shavers. I picked it up mainly because I was curious if one of the big boys in health products was able memorable and quality shaving experience.

For the most part I will have to say that I was able to achieve a decent shave using Nivea’s Sensitive Shave Cream for Men, but there was definitely something missing for me. It’s too bad really because a company with Nivea’s distribution can really help lead the way back to using a brush and quality shaIMG_20140513_131113ve cream for men’s shaving routine.

My biggest issue I had was with the scent of the Nivea’s Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin. I doesn’t smell bad, it has a clean smell to it, bordering too much like hand cream for me. I would imagine that some men may actually prefer this type of scent; perhaps I have become too accustomed to the ‘fancy’ scents that are available from the wet shaving world – for example like the Grapefruit offering from Taylor of Old Bond Street – whatever the reason it just didn’t work for me. I generally look forward to my shave, a little less so with this cream. Overall the scent was not memorable.

I was also somewhat disappointed by the lather that the shave cream produced. I had a bit of a hard time finding a nice balance between cream and amount of water needed – in the end the cream seemed to be a bit more thirsty than I had initially anticipated. The lather that it produces is a bit more creamy than foamy, and after more than a couple of weeks of trying I just couldn’t get it to produce a lather that I found enjoyable to apply.

Having said all this the cream did provide a decent amount of slickness, it didn’t leave my face feeling dry, nor did it dry out in the bowl – lasting for all three passes. As much as I was not impressed by the fragrance it really did not linger all that long after my shave, essentially disappearing once I applied my aftershave. The most attractive aspect of Nivea’s Sensitive Shave Cream for Men has to be the price, as much as it didn’t strike a nerve with me, it does provide an opportunity for someone who is curious about using a shave cream that is applied the “old fashion” way and opening a door to classic wet shaving.

Tools in images:
Parker 89R
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla Aftershave