Why does my new badger brush smell bad?

A while back I gave a friend of mine a badger brush, the following morning I received a text asking Why does my new badger brush smell bad? A fair question. Perhaps one that I should have informed him about prior to giving him the brush.  He just recently started using traditional wet shaving items, so not understanding why his brush smelled the why it did was forgivable. Needless to say, if you was confused – and possibly concerned – others must have the same question.

Plain and simple your badger brush is from…well…a badger. Wet animal fur will tend to have a stink to it.  And although the brush hair is obviously washed, and sterilized, removing all of the smell is often not possible.  The smell should fade on its own after a few shaves, but if you are finding that it is still too strong after a few uses you may want to toss it into a cup of water and vinegar, put only for a minute or two then give it a rinse.  But don’t let the smell turn you off of using a brush to build lather. I have never had the animal smell linger for more than a few shaves. If you absolutely can’t stand using it on your face, you could always build lather with it in your palm of the course of a week and you should find that it is a lot less noticeable.

If you hate the idea of using real hair on your face or have ethical reasons behind not wanting to use a badger brush you could always opt for a synthetic brush. The synthetic brush is stink free and cruelty free. For more information on brushed check out this article on choosing a brush. So if you find your self asking Why does my new badger brush smell bad? don’t throw in the towel (or brush), it is meant to smell and it won’t last too long.