Musgo Real Oak Moss Shaving Cream – A Review

Updated: December 20, 2016


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Portuguese made Musgo Real Shaving Cream is the subject of today’s review. This is the second ‘brushless’ shaving cream that I have used in the last few weeks.  I tend to not enjoy brushless creams (wet shaving loses some of its magic for me if I’m not using my brush), but that is what I get for not researching what I am ordering. Nevertheless I didn’t lay any judgement prior to trying it out.


I didn’t know what to make of the scent from the Musgo Real Shave Cream, it didn’t smell bad or repulsive in any way, it was just very fresh feeling, which isn’t really a bad thing I guess. I was initially turned off by it simple because it had a face wash type of feel to it, something that my wife might use to really get into those pores – think Noxema. However, after the initial reaction the scent seems to settle into the ‘oak-y’ scent that is advertised on the front of the tube, I never really lost the Noxema feeling it just seemed to diminish somewhat. Overall not a bad scent at all, just not one that I would reach for often.

Musgo Real Oak Moss Shaving Cream


To be honest I didn’t realize that the Musgo Real Oak Moss shave cream was a brushless shave cream until after my first use. I tried lathering it the way I would normally do, but I that I was able to produce in the bowl was a very slick thin paste, which if I’m honest still produced a decent shave. For my second shave I applied the cream directly to my face, which also resulted in a very slick surface, but I felt it was missing some cushion. My third shave I decided to break out the brush again, this time applying the cream directly on the brush and building a lather, or the closest thing to a lather, directly onto my face. For me this produced the best result, although the lather didn’t really have any body to it, the cream itself seemed to be a bit thicker compared to my previous to attempts.

Musgo Real Oak Moss Shaving Cream

The Musgo also did a fine job with moisturizing. My face never felt dry after any use, and I would have to say that after three shaves my face felt quite good. So props on the moisturizing end.

Overall no real complaints about the Musgo Real Oak Moss Shave Cream when it comes to performance. It provided a decent surface that allowed my razor to do its job and my face not feeling any effects from the shave. However, the scent was a bit of a drawback for me as is the brushless aspect to the cream. Although, I did use a brush and ended up with decent result, I still prefer the lather that I get from a traditional cream or soap that responds to my brush.

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Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brush
Merkur “1904” Classic