Murker Futur Review


Blade Change:

Without a doubt what makes the Murker Futur safety razor really stand out is its (as the name suggests) futuristic design. The smooth surface, and sleek lines, with substantial handle really helps separate this razor from any other that you may find in you shave cabinet. But aesthetics is only half the package. The ability to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor, much like the Progress, is the other element that really helps this razor stand out. With six different steps available for adjustment you can set the blade gap from a very mild setting to a rather aggressive one. This probably shouldn’t be your first classic style razor, but it is definitely an option for a second or to upgrade from your starter razor.

The Futur has many things going for it, in addition to the adjustable nature of the razor and design. It also has a good weight to it making for some good handling. The long handle is also a positive, especially for people with larger hands.

How does the Merkur Futur Work?

Most double edge razors either require you to unscrew the head from the handle or twist the handle to open up the head doors to load the blade.  The Merkur Futur is different in that you snap the top on and off of the head in order to load the blade. You can see how it is done in the video below.

The Handle

The handle of the Merkur Futur is slightly longer (roughly 4″ long) than other standard Murker long razor handles. The smooth finish could make for a slippery handle but the weight of the handle and the indentation in the handle provide more than enough grip, even with any of the knurling you may find on some other razor handles.

The Cutting Head

Some may find the cutting head on the large size, potentially making it awkward for some shaving under the nose and around the lips. But with a bit of use I am sure most will sort it out.


Unlike other razors, discussing the aggressiveness of the Merkur Futur isn’t so straight forward, and to a certain degree, may actually be pointless.  The various settings, allow this razor to transform from a relatively mild razor to a really aggressive one.  For more information on adjustable razors you may want to check out this article giving you some background. If you do pick this up, I would suggest starting at the lowest setting and working your way up until you find what is most comfortable and provides the best shave.


The Merkur Futur may not be best for you first razor, but might be worth considering if its time to move on. The flexibility of setting the aggressiveness is most appealing. Some may not love the modern design of the razor, if that the case I would suggest taking a look at the Progress. The Merkur Futur comes in a satin, matte, or gold finish.

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