Merkur 1904 Classic Review


Blade Change:

The Merkur 1904 classic was the first double edge razor that I have ever purchased and I never looked back.  Many double edge razors later, I still find myself coming back to this little razor with the old style feel for a great shave. If you are looking for a first razor I would strongly recommend starting here.

Balance 4/5:

The weight of the Merkur “1904” Classic razor would have to be classified as light compared to other models, but if this is going to be your first double edged razor you will find a considerable difference in weight compared to your Fusion or Mach 5. You will also notice that the balance on the razor is also quite good – again especially compared to a mass market razor.

Grip 4/5:

The first thing one notices with the Merkur “1904” Classic razor is it’s handle. It’s six sided, with detailed engraving really giving it that ‘classic’ look, and it’s short – much shorter than any other handle you will come across. If you have exceptionally large hands the shortness of the handle could pose a bit of a problem, but for most it should be quite comfortable. Some may even argue that the lack of length provides more control over your razor. The engraving on the handle does provide a bit of extra grip, but not the same as one would find on other handles.

merkur 1904 review

Blade Exposure 3/5:

The head on the Merkur 1904 Classic is the standard head for a Merkur that isn’t too aggressive nor is it too mild.  Making it a really good option for a first razor, allowing you to get the feel of the single blade experience.

merkur 1904 classic

Weight 3/5:

As mentioned above the 1904 is on the light side but that is to be expected from the shorter handle.  I wouldn’t say that it had an effects my shave, but some may like something with a bit more weight.

The blade change is straight forward. Made up of three pieces, one of them being the handle, maintaining the ‘classic’ approach to this razor. The handle itself screws into the other two parts making it very easy to clean and helps maintain the life of your razor. Below is a quick video of a blade change. As with any DE razor, no blood should be drawn if you are careful and take your time.

Price 4/5:

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this razor is the price point, making the Merkur “1904” Classic a great starting point for anyone just starting out in the world of classic shaving, or for anyone wanting to add to their arsenal of DE Razors.

On a side not the the Merkur 1904 is also referred to as the 42c. The razor is also available in an open comb version, the Merkur 41c- same handle different head – which makes it more aggressive.

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