Merkur Vision Review

Like most Merkur razors, one of the first things you notice is its design, and the Merkur Vision 2000 is no different. The feel of the razor (smooth all the way around), the lines, right up to the head of the razor let’s you know that you are working with something special.

The device itself proves to be easy to clean for day to day use but may require a bit more attention for maintenance cleaning – requiring you to get at it with a small brush.

The Vision is an adjustable razor that allows you to increase or decrease the gap of the razor depending on desired result and skin type.  The mechanics are quite good in this department as with multiple blade changes the gap maintained it’s spacing.

Changing the blade is the same as most other razors.  Place the blade in position and simple close the silo over it.  Some may find that the razor is more exposed than what they are used to, and as a result may have to initially adjust their shaving style somewhat.  See the video below on how to change and adjust the Merkur Vision.

For everything that the Vision has going for it, it has its drawbacks as well.  Some user complain that the razor is simply too heavy to maneuver confidently and easily.  While others have complained that, although a work of art, the quality of the build doesn’t live up to it’s appearance – with some having issues of the razor falling apart.  With its heavy price tag no one wants that to happen.  Now these may be isolated instances but the final decision is ultimately yours.  If you are hesitant in purchasing this razor based on the negative experiences the Futur may be the razor you are looking for, a review of the razor can be found here.