Merkur 37C Unboxing & Comparison

So much for stopping with the Edwin Jagger 89lbl.  Today I received the Merkur 37c, my curiosity go the better of me and I ordered it the evening I wrote my review of the Bakelite slant.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with the Bakelite, it worked really well, and if you read my review, the only real hesitation was with its weight and feel – too lite – too much like plastic.  But if I received an incredibly close shave it shouldn’t matter right? I ordered the Merkur anyway and will be answering the question properly in a week or so.

Because I need something to do that doesn’t make too much noise while my twins are napping I made another unboxing video with comparison photos.  This time, naturally, with a comparison to the Bakelite slant.  Below you will find my first impressions of the Merkur 37c along with comparative observations.


First Impressions

37 c and bakeliteI have to start by mentioning that I am disappointed somewhat in the packaging of the Merkur 37c.  If you have read some of my reviews you will know that I am a sucker for packaging, and the packaging of the 37c leaves something to be desired.  But it is slightly irrelevant when ordering on-line   Other than the packaging I first noticed the weight of the razor, not compared to the Bakelite but rather on its own.  It was impressively heavy, making me curious as to how the Merkur 39 would feel (same head, different handle).  The 37c also felt great – like you were holding a carefully crafted tool.  The other thing I noticed straight away was the size of the head – a bit slimmer than the Bakelite.


P1000368As you can tell from the image the Merkur 37c has a two piece design with the head and bar screwing directly into the handle, where the Bakelite has a traditional three piece design.  I have to admit that I prefer the three piece design.  Not sure why really other than it feels as though it is more secure – not saying that it is, but in my mind it feels better to take a three piece apart as oppose to a two piece.


P1000372The handle on the 37c is definitely more substantial, and having not used it, it seems as though I will prefer holding it over the Bakelite. Where the Bakelite has lines the Merkur has a grid pattern on it making it just as good if not better for grip.  Both razors, as you can see in the image are hollow, and both are wider at the ends.  They are more or less the same length, about 3″, making for a good comparison when shaving.

Cutting Heads

P1000375 P1000376The main reason why people choose these razors – the heads.  The Merkur head, as mentioned above is not as tall as the Bakelite, which I imagine would make shaving under the nose slightly easier – we shall find out.  The angle also seems to bit slightly different between the two – more aggressive with the Bakelite but I can’t say for sure until I try it.

Final Thoughts

P1000377If someone would have presented me these two razors without have any prior knowledge of either and asked me to pick one to take home with me, it would be the Merkur 37 100%.  The build, the weight, the size of the head, it doesn’t look like a toy, everything points to an easy decision. Having said that, if someone asked me to trade the Bakelite for the Merkur without using it, I wouldn’t be able to do it.  After achieving an amazing shave with the Bakelite the Merkur 37c has its work cut out for it if it will become the slant razor of choice.  I’ll post a review of the Merkur 37c soon.

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