Merkur 25C – Review


Blade Change:

A couple of weeks back we at a side by side comparison of the Merkur 1904 Classic and the Merkur 25c. Today we will take a look how the 25C performs. I swapped razors with my neighbor for a couple of days so I could give the 25C a try.

Balance 4/5: 

My first, minor adjustment was with the handle. I haven’t used a long handled razor since I switched to wet shaving. Although the adjustment was quick, and the overall balance was quite nice, I still prefer the feel of a shorter handle.

Grip 5/5:

I feel like I have more control of the blade with the shorter handle, perhaps because my hand is closer to the action. However, the feeling of less control can’t be blamed on the grip of the handle as it was excellent. I was able to maintain a solid grip with dripping wet hands.

Weight 4/5:

One thing I do prefer about the longer handle is the added weight that it provides for your shave.

Blade Exposure 4/5:

The shaving head of Merkur 25C is the open comb version of the Merkur 23C, and as a result slightly more aggressive. My beard growth was only a couple of days long, so I can’t really comment on the effectiveness of the open comb, but I can say that the final result was a quality, comfortable close shave after two passes using a fresh Dorco blade. I did find it slightly easier to shave under the nose. I would actually

Price 5/5

The price of the Merkur 25c makes it easy for someone to break into classic wet shaving and I would suggest it if you are looking for something with a long handle.

Overall another quality instrument from Merkur, but not enough to take me away from my shorter handled 1904 razor. If you are just starting out or wanted give a long handle a try this might be the place to start. Available from TopOfTheChain.

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