Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste

About a month back I picked up a small tube of Italian made Marvis Cinnamon Mint toothpaste. I was a few dollars short of free shipping so I tossed it in the cart, curious as to what a ‘premium’ toothpaste would do for me.

The Good

This will be, without a doubt, the greatest looking toothpaste tube that will ever grace your bathroom sink. Italian made, both the box and tube offer a touch of class in a product that is normally ignored even though we (hopefully) use it daily. I’ll let the image do the talking here. While we are on the topic of cool looking, it is worth taking a look at their website, the high def version, on a laptop. It is safe to say they have put some thought into design and promotion.

marvis cinnamon mint toothpaste

The taste is awesome.  No other way to describe it other than it most definitely taste like cinnamon. I would actually say that it is very similar to Dentyne Fire gum. It feels good on your teeth. Very fresh. And doesn’t leave a residue feeling on your teeth.

Unlike some of the bigger brands Marvis is selling you toothpaste, no gimmicks, no added features, straight up toothpaste.

The Bad

The only bad is the cost really.  You could buy more than a few tubes of Crest for the price of one tube of Marvis Cinnamon Toothpaste. But really you are not buying this brand to save money.

Final Thoughts

If nothing else, Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste makes brushing your teeth something to look forward to, even if just a little. You would need to decide whether the extra cost is worth the experience. The tubes come in a couple of sizes 3.8 oz and a 1.3 oz tube.  The smaller would actually make a great stocking stuffer. For more info and pricing check out Amazon.