Mama Bear’s Turkish Mocha Shave Soap – A Review

mama bear soapRatings:
Price: 9
Cushion: 10
Slickness: 8
Scent: 8
Moisturising: 7

I traded someone for a few Mama Bear’s Shave soaps and received them last week and I didn’t waste any time breaking into one of them. I decided to start with the incredibly sweet smelling Turkish Mocha. This was my first experience with Mama Bear’s soaps and so far it seems like a good start.

IMG_20131007_101257There is no mistaking the scent of Mama Bear’s Turkish Mocha, it is very strong, and unlike some other soaps where you may be fishing for the scent this one is right in your face. In fact if you blind folded someone and had them smell the soap and told them if they liked the smell they could take a bite – most would. Of course if you are not into sweet smelling soaps, or can’t stand anything even remotely like mocha, then stay away. Although I enjoyed the scent and it made for a nice change from the past few soaps I reviewed, I don’t see myself reaching for the Turkish Mocha very often.

Although the scent wouldn’t have me running back for more, the performance of the Turkish Mocha definitely would. After some work, and a bit more water than I use with some other soaps, I was able to build a wonderful full lather that not only looked great but worked great. The lather provided excellent cushion, I could have used a bit more slickness to my shave but it wasn’t terrible. The soap didn’t dry out on my face, or in the bowl while it was waiting for my second pass, and it left my skin feeling good.

DSC_0056What I liked most about the Mama Bear’s Turkish Shave Soap has to be the departure from the more traditional scents we are accustomed to, and although I wouldn’t be ordering a life time supply of the soap it was, dare I say, fun to shave wife. Small pucks are available so you can pick one up and reach for it every once and a while.

Tools in images:

Merkur 37C
Home made Black Badger Brush

Mama Bear’s Website

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