Maintaining Stubble

I hate to admit it but there are times that I opt for the stubble look.  Shocking I know. How can a man who runs a wet shaving blog ever exist without a close shave? Well, I’m only a man and, as a man, I am, at times, I get a bit lazy. However, laziness is not the only reason why a man may choose to go for the stubble look; sensitive skin could force you to shave less, you are sick of that baby face look and you are trying to look more like a man, you are trying to disguise some imperfections on your face, or perhaps your work doesn’t allow you to grow a beard but you may be able to get away with stubble.  Whatever your reason here is a guide to stubble.

“Should I Grow Stubble?”

Probably the best place to start is to ask yourself if you should try to grow stubble in the first place. It is probably easier to start with why you shouldn’t grow stubble.

If you are not prepared to maintain, you shouldn’t grow stubble. Although it may take less work than shaving every morning, you still need to keep it up. Although, at times I may be lazy, I always take the time to trim and shape my stubble.

If your stubble leaves your partner feeling like they were just attacked by some sandpaper, stubble may not be for you (the flip side I guess is if you would rather not get close to your partner you may want to grow some stubble).

Outside of the above couple of reasons not to grow stubble there are many reasons why one may want to grow some.

You hate shaving

Probably the most common reason why men decide to grow stubble (strange to find you here if you fall into this category, but welcome). Many men just hate shaving.  I was one of them until I discovered the joys of classic wet shaving, and now the only thing really standing in my way of shaving is just being too tired. Regardless of the reason why you hate shaving you still need to maintain your facial hair.

Using stubble to hide Imperfections

Whatever the reason, stubble could prove to be an effective way to hide those imperfections. Whether it is acne scars or pigmentation issues, it is an easy fix to whatever it is you are trying to cover up.

You are Sick of Having a Baby Face

Some of us are faced with the Baby Face problem (I would imagine it becomes less of a problem the more you age – I would love a baby face right about now – but I digress). Sort of obvious really facial hair equals a man, and as a result matures your look. Key here once again is maintenance.

Maintaining your Stubble

What is important to keep in mind when it comes to your stubble is that it is essentially a short beard, and being a short beard you would care for it in the same way. One thing you would want to do is moisturize daily.  The beard will cause you skin to dry out, and without some attention you could end up with an uncomfortable situation. You could use something specifically made for beards like this Premium Beardsmen shave oil found on Amazon, or a simply a high quality moisturizer.

You will also need to pick up a good set up clippers if you feel that the stubble look is something that you are going to hold on to for some time. Different clippers will provide you different options and guards, specifically when it comes to the length of beard you are hoping to achieve. In addition to maintaining length you want something that will be helpful in shaping your beard.

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