LA Toja Aftershave & Hydrating Gel

Value: 10/10
Soothing: 9/10
Scent: 8/10

The aftershave I have been using this week, La Toja Aftershave & Gel Hydrating Gel, is somewhat of departure from the Clubman Musk that I reviewed last week. One is an alcohol based splash while this is a cream. Although the Clubman didn’t dry out my skin it didn’t do much for moisturizing. The La Toja on the other hand did a nice job of moisturizing.

My first experience with La Toja was with their shave stick, which I had zero expectations and was more than pleased with the overall experience. This time around I had some expectations and I would have to say they were met.

Performance wise the La Toja aftershave does a really nice job of soothing the skin with minimal burn and leaving it nicely moisturised. There was little to no residue left over after applying the cream, which is a positive for me because I’m not a fan of that lingering hand cream sensation. I would have to say that I walked away after using the aftershave feeling clean and fresh, which I’m sure the fragrance is more than partially responsible for.

wpid-20151101_071156_hdr-01.jpegThe scent has a classic feel to it but in a different way than the Clubman products. This has a much more crisp clean fragrance. It still feels like you are in a Barber Shop, but perhaps a European one. I would have to also describe as having a very subtle musk scent to it. It really needs to be sampled to be truly appreciated.

I tried to find some additional information online about this product but it was a bit hard to come by. Perhaps if I read Spanish I would have a bit more luck. The bottle itself was completely in Spanish so I guess I should have expected as much.

Extra information or not this is a good example of how you don’t need to spend loads of cash to have a great shaving experience. The Spanish made La Toja Aftershave & Hydrating Gel provides a quality product that accomplishes what it is supposed to do, along with providing a great fragrance to get you going after your shave.

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