L.A. Shaving Soap Co. Woody Lavender Shave Soap – A Review

Value: 9
Cushion: 10
Slickness: 9
Scent Pleasantness: 10
Scent Strength (balance): 10
Moisturising: 10


Fresh off the heels of last weeks very positive review of The Los Angelas Shaving Soap Co. Vanilla, Eucalyptus, & Mint Shave soap comes my second sample from the L.A. Shave Soap Co. – their Woody Lavender offering.

IMG_20131207_132651But before I get into the in and outs of this weeks soap I need to address a change to my rating system that was brought about by last weeks review. Specifically my price category – some argued that by giving it a 9 out of ten I was possibly suggesting that the soap was inexpensive – which it isn’t – however I wouldn’t call it expensive either (click here for current price). My intention was the price category was for it to reflect what one received for their dollar: a quality soap like this one, that cost a few extra bucks should get a high rating. On the other hand a soap that may be priced double the amount but didn’t provide the same in experience would get a lower rating. I realize now that there is a problem with my old system when you run into a inexpensive soap that provides a terrible experience – giving it a 10 for price works on one level, but not my intended. So, from this review forward I will change the Price category to Value for your dollar in hopes of giving a better reflection.

Now that housekeeping is out of the way we can discuss the Woody Lavender – which with my new rating system in place, I feel confident giving it another strong score in terms of value. Like last weeks soap this has to be one of the best experiences I have had with a shaving soap –  regardless if it was coming from a smaller artisan business like this one, or from one of the big boys.

Although the lather with this soap is fantastic, very consistent to the experience I had with the Vanilla, Eucalyptus, & Mint offering, it is the scent that really does it for me. The soap has the perfect balance between the lavender and and the woody fragrance. The lavender seemed clean – natural – reminded me of my trip to Southern France a few years back driving through the lavender fields of Provence (no joke – very vivid images) with the scent from the fields over taking the vehicle. The woody nature of the soap seems to bring you back a bit from too much of a floral hit, providing you with – dare I say it – a relaxing experience – perhaps a perfect soap to take your time with your straight razor.

This makes it two for two for The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Co.. Where the Vanilla, Eucalyptus, & Mint provided a complex but pleasing experience, the Woody Lavender provides you a more natural one. They both provided a wonderful shave surface full of cushion and glide, without leaving your face dried out. Check them out here.

Tools used:
Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush