Klar Seifen Klassik Shaving Soap – Review

Price: 1
Lather: 5
Scent: 4
Overall: 4

I received Klar Seifen Klassik Shaving Soap in a recent shipment not really having heard of it prior to opening the box, it was ‘tossed’ in with an order of razors and brushes.  I was surprised to find that it is officially the most expensive shave soap I have ever used and would never have purchased it otherwise.  So any future purchases of the Klar Seifen Shaving Soap is really dependant on how this first tin performs.

Klar Seifen Klassik Shaving SoapThe tin the Klar Seifen is shipped in is a convenient travel case and holder which I will probably reuse once the soap is consumed.  It didn’t prove ideal for lathering, due to it not really having any place to go other than down its side, but if you are trying to travel light it is a better alternative than bringing your shave bowl.

The scent is the other initial element that I noticed and may actually be a bit difficult to describe.  The first thing that popped in my head after smelling the Klar Seifen soap was Italy. If you haven’t been to Italy this might not make any sense to you, even if you have been to Italy it still not make a logical way to describe the scent of this soap.  I have family in Italy and I try to visit yearly if possible, and this scent reminded me of some of the ‘upper’ class shops I would visit – there is a freshness to the scent, very sharp – a sense of leather perhaps.  If I painted a negative image in your mind than I have done an injustice because the scent is really quite pleasant masculine scent.

IMG_6560Initially the lathering took a bit of work.  I was disappointed at first but then realized that it just required a bit of breaking in.  I built some lather with both my Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brush and then some with my Omega Boar Brush, preferring the Boar Brush.  The extra stiffness of the Boar Brush definitely helped in building up a nice creamy lather (image to the right), relatively quickly and with what I would say is your average amount of water. As mentioned above the tin, although great for travel, isn’t the most tidy way to build lather, in the future I will use a shave bowl.

The application of the lather was quite nice and provided a very comfortable shave.  The slickness to the Klar Seifen Klassik Shaving Soap was impressive, unique in fact, quite different than other soaps I have used.  Following the shave my face felt soft with no sense of dryness.  The scent from the soap also hung around for some time getting the approval from my wife.

Using the Klar Seifen Klassik Shaving Soap was a great experience, unfortunately one that I will more than likely only experience for as long as this tin last.   A lower price point would make this one of my always in stock shave soaps, but the price is just a bit too steep for me to justify when I get an equally pleasant and rewarding shaving experience from my other shaving creams like my Taylor of Old Bond Street. But if you don’t mind spending the extra cash this is definitely worth a purchase, perhaps a great birthday gift you could suggest to your wife.