How to Use a Shaving Scuttle

A few months back I posted a short article on shaving scuttles, so I thought I would expand on that with a video version of how to use, or at least, how I use a Shaving Scuttle. Just for the record the shave scuttle is one of those unneeded items but is nice to have, and although it requires more time, I enjoy the warm lather. In addition to the warm lather I actually find lathering in my particular scuttle provides me with the fullest lather compared to lathering in a simple bowl, or face lathering.

I will let the video do most of the explaining but how the shaving scuttle works is rather simple – hot water warms the scuttle, which in turn warms the lather.

Shaving Scuttles are available from various vendors and a quick Google search will bring up more than a few, but here is a couple to get you started.

Dirty Bird Pottery
Sara Bonnyman Pottery