Holiday Wish List…Razors

Normally around this time of year I make up a list of items that I have used over the year and compile them into suggested gift ideas. This year I thought I would change things up, instead of a list of suggested items, I am putting together a gift list for…myself.  There is always that chance that my friends and family may actually read one of my posts and get some ideas.

This first post is going to focus on some razors that I would love to add to my collection.

First up – the FEATHER NEW AS-D2.

feather-as-d2-stainless-safety-razorThe main reason why Feather AS-D2 is top of my list is simply because of the cost of the razor. The price tag makes it slightly out of logical reach for me to justify. The fact that it is logically out of reach makes my curiosity go crazy. The razor is made of all stainless steel which increases the cost, but after reading some reviews on the razor it seems like the design is simply a cut above the rest.


The second razor I would add to my list is the MERKUR PROGRESS LONG-HANDLE razor.  I’m not sure why but despite my curiosity, this razor has managed to escape my purchase.  I always seem to find something else to pick up.  Probably due to my somewhat limited budget. All the more reason for me to place it on my list of items I would love to receive as a gift. I don’t have an adjustable razor yet (I really should by now) and this seems to be a great place to start. Probably not the best choice for someone’s first razor, but a great ‘next’ razor.

My final choice – The Dovo Striaght Razor


I had somewhat of a false start with using a straight razor. I received a used one a while back that I got honed but it never really found its place in the rotation.  So why ask for another straight razor if I didn’t use the one I have? My hope is that the excitement of a new shiny razor may actually cause me to use it more often. I know ridiculous. Either way I wouldn’t be too picky on the razor I received but something along the lines of the DOVO “BISMARCK” STRAIGHT RAZOR (pictured above) would be a great place to start. It looks great with the contrast between the gold, steel, and white handle; I would imagine that if feels like you are using something special.

There you go, three razors I would love to receive over the holidays. For the most part they all seem to be on the costly side of things, but if you are going to have a wish list you might as well wish big!

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