Holiday Wish List…Brushes

Last week we took a look at my holiday razor wish.  This week I came up with a list of three brushes that I would not mind receiving this holiday season. I don’t really need any more brushes, at the moment my shaving brush arsenal consists of badger hair, horse hair, boar hair, synthetic, and even a mixed hair brush.but I would always welcome an upgrade.

The Chubby 2 Best Badger Shave Brush

chubby 2

I haven’t had the pleasure of using a Simpsons brush yet.  It is another example of a gap in my collection that probably shouldn’t exist, but it does, which is one reason why this would make a great gift. Almost all of the reviews I have read on this brush praise the brushes feel and its lathering ability. It is a high class brush that I would love to have on my shelf.

WSP “Monarch”


Another sharp looking brush from Monarch that I would more than welcome in my shave cabinet.  The price is one of the reasons I haven’t purchased this for myself just yet, but that doesn’t mean I would have a problem with my wife spending our money on it.  The reviews on this brush all praise the density of High Mountain White badger hair, along with the lathering performance.

Kent BLK12 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush

BLK12 grande

I guy can dream can’t he. An absolutely unnecessary item that I really would love to have.

So there you have it three brushes that I would love to receive over the holidays.  If you are stuck on what to ask for feel free to take one of my wish list items and add it to yours.

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