The Goodshave Razor Review

For the first time on I will be reviewing a cartridge razor. The Goodshave razor is part of a monthly subscription service not too dissimilar than some of the other subscription based options available, but there is a slightly different take on the Goodshave razor which is the reason why I decided to give this razor a try.  For every razor purchased, a razor gets donated to someone in need.  Cynics may call it is gimmicky, but to it me it seems like a great effort to do something good.

Goodshave razor

I’m not going to lie it was odd using a cartridge razor for the first time in four or five years, and to be fair the shaves that I did have with the Goodshave razor were comfortable and smooth. I’m not surprised by how good my shaves were, my shift to using a double edge razor was primarily an economic one but also preferring to use a quality razor and not a plastic handle.

Goodshave razor

The razor has an interesting handle with a metal on top and plastic on the bottom. It has a nice weight to it as well, on par with my heavier double edge razors in my collection. Overall an impressive handle with no complaints or concerns.

goodshave razor

There are three options when you ordering your razor, a monthly subscription package for $11.99 which includes a monthly donation to a shelter, there is also a 3 month ($32.67) and 6 month ($62.14) supply option as well and always with a homeless shelter donation. You can check out their options here. It has been a while since I picked up cartridges but the prices seem good, especially if you take into consideration the extra razor that is being donated.

The Goodshave razor may not be for everyone but it has its place, if not for yourself, it could make for a great gift with that added element of doing some social good. You can read more on how Goodshave got its start here.

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