Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood Cream – A Reivew

Updated: December 19, 2016


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geo f trumperI picked up a tube of Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood shave cream, my third shave cream/soap from Geo F. Trumper. I had mixed feelings from my first two – the Rose was a bit too flowery, while I just didn’t get on well with the puck of Eucris – however refuse to give up too easily.


The first thing I need to discuss is how I feel about shave cream in a tube. I don’t really enjoy it. Feels a bit too much like a tube of artists paint – doesn’t feel right having to squeeze to get your product on your brush. I much prefer my cream in an open bowl where I can smell the fragrance as soon as I remove the lid; it was difficult to sense the fragrance by simply unscrewing the cap from the tube. I also like being able to add more cream if needed without having to reach for the tube and squeeze a little more out.


Packaging aside I had a good experience with the Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood cream. I didn’t need much cream to build up a lather; which lasted me for three passes (I opted to apply the cream directly onto the brush – choosing the bowl I’m sure would be equally effective).


The fragrance really opened up once I got the lather going – just strong enough to enjoy it, not overpowering at all. The nice, creamy lather performed well, good lubrication and cushion, and did a good job of moisturizing.

All around I had a good experience with the Sandalwood shave cream. I was beginning to get concerned that I wasn’t going to find a Geo F. Trumper product that I really enjoyed, with the exception of it being in a tube (to be fair I purchased the tube on purpose to see how I would like it – the Sandalwood is also available in a bowl),  I believe I found one, and look forward to trying some of their other creams and soaps.

Tools used:

Parker 92R Razor
Edwin Jagger Best Badger

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