Geo F Trumper’s Rose Shave Cream – Review

trumpers roseRatings:
Price: 3.5
Lather: 5+
Scent: 2
Moisturising: 5
Overall: 4

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a tub of Taylor of Old Bond St. Grapefruit Shave Cream, along with a razor and blades for a friend of mine who is going to try wet shaving, after my insisting for nearly a year now (I suggested, the Edwin Jagger 89lbl along with some Astra blades) – in the box I was happy to find some free samples, one of them being the tiniest possible shave cream container of Geo F Trumper’s Rose Shave Cream (more on the diminutive container in a moment). I was excited because I had yet to try any shave cream from Geo F Trumper, the main reason being the fact that I couldn’t get past the slightly higher price tag – a secondary reason being my current love affair with all things Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Usually, I break into any shave cream that comes to my door, but since the main focus of the purchase was my tub of TOBS Grapefruit, followed by ringing my mate to come pick up his stuff, the Geo F Trumper’s Rose was left behind for a few hours while I took in the Grapefruit.  When I finally got to the sample later that evening I didn’t rush to open it; more amazed by the incredibly small container of shave cream that I was holding – this wasn’t an item a man typically holds I thought to myself, especially not with it filled with pink cream – but it was, and I was.

I finally opened the tiny container and took a smell, but before I go any further it is probably best to point out that I enjoy many scents from Proraso Green to TOBS Grapefruit, but there was something about the Rose of this sample of Geo F Trumper’s that I just couldn’t take. Perhaps it is the fact that it reminded me too much of a flower shop, or my Grandmother’s house, and a bit of walking into a funeral home. All things that I don’t want to be reminded of while I am shaving.

geo f trumperThe little container sat on my shelf for a couple week and I broke it out this morning, refusing to let the overpowering smell of roses keep me from testing this shave cream out.  I broke out my scuttle, my badger brush, and my 180.  I took about a third of the cream and placed it in the scuttle, and went to it with my wet brush.  If I was turned off by the scent, I was turned back on by the lather.  This was by far the fastest, and thickest lather I have ever produced.  I am talking only seconds.  The brush was full of rich, slick lather that when I applied it to my face it covered it fully and evenly. I couldn’t wait to get through with my first pass so I could lather again. The cream provided an excellent shaving surface with no pulling, tugging, or irritation. By the end of my third pass I still had lather to spare, regretting that I didn’t use a quarter of the sample instead – even with the Rose smell.

If the only purpose of providing a sample is to get you to purchase the product then it worked, it just won’t be Geo F Trumper’s Rose Blend, but without a doubt my next shipment of shaving supplies will definitely contain a tub of Geo F Trumper’s Shave Cream – perhaps something a bit less flowery.

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