Fine Accoutrements “L’Orange Noir” Aftershave Review

Marketers love people like me.  I’m a sucker for great packaging. Whether it’s exciting, novel, or in the case of Fine Accoutrements “L’Orange Noir” aftershave – classic. I’ll admit that the main reason for picking up one of Fines Aftershaves was the bottle that it came in. The simplicity of the logo and the glass bottle were telling me to add it to my bathroom counter. Of course great packaging will get me to buy your product once, but it needs to be a great product for me to buy it twice.

I’m pleased to report that my experience with the L’Orange Noir will ultimately not only lead to a second Fine aftershave, but eventually as many of their scents as possible.

The L’Orange Noir has a real bit to it, but not one that makes you want to wash your face immediately after applying it. If you are looking for that type of experience you might want to consider their “Snake Bite” blend (check it out on Amazon). I plan on trying this next. Their website states that it “Burns like the devil, freezes like the Rockies, and cures all that ails you.” I need to find out for myself. The “L’Orange blend does a nice job of tightening up your skin, while not drying it out, while the menthol provides a nice cooling sensation.

There is a barbershop quality to the scent of the “L’Orange Noir”. The dominant scent is without a doubt orange (more of a rind smell), with some spice and earthy undertones to add to the complexity. It also has a good amount of staying power, with the scent lingering well into the afternoon.

I can confidently say Fine Accoutrements “L’Orange Noir” has quickly become one of my favourite aftershaves, maybe even my favorite. The simplicity in their packaging can also be found in its ingredients with it only containing alcohol, water, fragrance, and menthol. Which I find equally appealing. If you are on the fence on whether to pick this up I wouldn’t waste too much time deliberating. It is available on Amazon. For more information you can check out Fine Accoutrements website.

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