Final Post for 2013

8o5zYpyAfter a few weeks off, mainly due to the holiday season, I thought I would post a quick update and what I have lined up for January. For the most part things have been quiet on the shaving front with a few exceptions – my Reddit Secret Santa was kind enough to send me the Reddit Horse / Badger hair brush (more below) as a gift. My straight razor shaving is progressing nicely, although it isn’t part of my daily routine (hence the lack of posts on how it is going). And I order some products for review which I am excited about (sneak peak below).

I didn’t expect much from the Reddit Gift Exchange – I joined more to take part than concern over what I would receive. I placed one item in my wishlist, the brush, and provided my Secret Santa a whack of other information about me to help them find something appropriate. Well, either my Secret Santa was too lazy to go out and find something, or they just felt the Reddit shave brush was the way to go, either way I am excited. I had been meaning to buy the brush my self but never got around to it, I guess things work themselves out. I haven’t used the brush yet, waiting for some new soaps and creams to give it a test drive, but I will have a review up next month.

2014 has a bright start to it with several products that I have picked up along with some samples from artisan soap makers. I still have a final soap to sample from The L.A. Shaving Soap Co. – the first two were great and I expect the same from my final sample. I also received some samples from Knockout Shave which I have yet to try but I’m already excited by the scent.

I gifted myself several items over the holidays as well. I finally picked up some Proraso Red. Out of curiosity I picked up Beauty and the Bees for Blokes Shave Soap – its from Australia – not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing – we will find out in a few weeks. Two aftershaves – Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic and Clubman Pinaud. And finally an order of BambuEarth Facial Shave Bar – Patchouli Black – the main reason for ordering this…it is black…that is it.

So with the holidays behind me, and many products in the shave cabinet, I look forward to another year of reviews.