Fendrihan Lime and Ginger Shave Soap

There was a time when I wouldn’t have given a second thought to the scent of the shave cream I was purchasing. The only concern was whether it would help me out with my shave. Happily those days are gone, shaving with mass market creams and gels are a thing of the past, replaced with wonderful creams and soaps that make shaving much more enjoyable and comfortable. Sadly the days of me not caring so much about my shave cream has increased my awareness and expectations to the products I am using, so when I’m disappointed in a product, I’m really disappointed, as I was with Fendrihan’s Lime and Ginger Shave Soap. Not so much with the performance but definitely with the scent.

To be honest the only reason for me picking up this puck from Fendrihan was because the scent sounded somewhat exciting. I had never come across a lime / ginger combination and it seemed, at least in my mind, like a great combo. Sadly I can not comment on what that combination smells like because I struggled to get very much of a scent out of the soap. The fragrance is so faint that it borders on scent free. At first I thought that maybe I just needed to break it in, but after a few shaves, and unnecessary lathering of the soap I can, with confidence, state that my puck doesn’t smell like much.

The soap could have provided the greatest shave of my life and I don’t think I would have noticed because of the disappointment with the scent. I was able to put my disappointment aside long enough with subsequent shaves to make a fair assessment of the soap and I have to say that it provided a sufficient shave. Decent cushion, some slickness, and a lather that was fairly easy to build.

But despite the decent shave, and attractive price, I don’t think that I could recommend the soap when there are many other options at a similar price point that would provide a good shave along with a fragrance to go along with it. Edwin Jagger’s Limes and Pomegranate is the first thing that comes to mind, here is a review. I guess it is possible that I received a soap that was just off.  I’m not planning on buying another to find out. For me information on Fendrihan’s Lime and Ginger shave soap check out their website.